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International Qualex Flow Cytometry Systems

IInternational Qualex Flow Cytometry System is dedicated to the expansion of basic and medical research through the enhancement of fluorescently labeled probes and optimization of reagents to meet the very specific requirements of researchers who are interested in the many advantages of using flow cytometry.

The use of flow cytometry has advanced both scientific and medical research significantly over the past decade.

Flow cytometry has applications in a large number of fields, including molecular biology, immunology, pathology, plant and marine biology. The use of flow cytometry in immunology has been especially useful when utilized in conjunction with fluorescence tagged antibodies allowing for the identification of cells involved in an immunological response.

IQFCS is continually developing products for a wide variety of applications and offers custom services for those researchers who need special reagents for their specific application. Flow cytometry has broad applications, specifically useful in medicine for determination of transplantations, hematology, tumor immunology, and hematology. While flow cytometry has been particularly vital in the identification of cells and immunological products, with a higher degree of sensitivity and an increasing availability of new probes and fluorescent tags, flow cytometry has become particularly useful for functional responses.